Open Saturdays in December   11am - 5pm

The Open House on Nov. 22 was a huge success!  Many asked about coming back to shop again before Christmas, so we will be open on Saturdays in December


Take a drive in the country and shop for one of a kind gifts for all your holiday needs.  Click here for map and directions


We are open every day if we're here. PLEASE CALL 817-269-5375 before you come, in case we are away.




Pottery by Choctaw Potter Carolyn Young

Halito! My work is contemporary Native American pottery, using a potter's wheel and electric kiln to bring a modern voice to the clay, while honoring the art of my ancestors. I am an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and a registered Choctaw potter. 


Throwing a pot on the wheel is magical to me, but carving tribal designs into leather-hard clay is my passion.  I love the feel of the clay and the element of surprise as I "uncover" the art of my ancestors beneath the layers of black underglaze.


This method of carving is called "sgrafitto" - meaning "to scratch", although my work is more about carving than scratching.  Each piece gets three layers of black underglaze, then the design is carved into it, revealing the clay underneath. 


Brightly colored glazes inside each piece make my work unique and the fired stoneware is durable as well as safe for the oven and dishwasher.


See something you like? Please give me a call at 817-269-5375. I can e-mail photos of specific items and we can arrange for you to own them or gift as a gift!


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